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Regenerative Technologies

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

In our current era we are beholden to science and technology, as both a worldview, a catalyst for progress and as a translucent interface in our daily lives. What we consider to be advanced technologies are a central foundation of our current civilization and are woven into many of our collective dreams of the future.

What type of technologies are we creating? Extractive technologies that consume the earth’s resources and endanger the well-being of present and future species? Or regenerative technologies that are created with the intent to insure the well-being of all beings through time, technologies inspired by the 4.5 billion year old wisdom the advanced technological prowess of Mother Earth and enlightened consciousness.

As a word ’technology’ has accrued multiple meanings over time, reflections of its role in a progression of cultures.

The word has its roots in the Greek techne, the art and skillful use of manual tools and has evolved to mean the means and methods, the tools and techniques to obtain certain results both material and non-material, activities in aggregate that form and change culture.

Our current culture holds technology in awe, celebration and often fear, on the edge of those realms inhabited by magic or sorcery in other eras.

Technology has become an entity upon itself that cannot be controlled nor fully understood in its impact and function by one human mind. Only the collective mind can begin to touch on the impact of 21st Century technology.

Though created by us, (or perhaps we should say through us) as an expression of consciousness, technology is often held as something ‘Other’ especially as it increases in its complexity and scope into the realms of AI (sentient artificial intelligence) which some feel may supersede Homo Sapiens in regenerative adaptability, consciousness and intelligence.

Or is AI simply a promise of what we might become? Is it a mirror of our strengths and weaknesses, extensions of possibilities, a lesson in humility when our culture teeters on hubris? Is AI another species waiting to be born and endowed with consciousness, or perhaps a Lila (Skt) a divine play of the gods and goddesses who are watching Homo Sapiens, evolve and remember, stumble and soar, a mirror of the scope of our possibility.

We are creators, holy sacred vessels which help midwife the imagination of Divine Consciousness into material form and we are that which is created.

Imagine the view that advanced technologies such as AI are all part of this creation, not something “artificial” but alive, what if we consider that technology, in all its forms, is closely tied to our evolution and collective gnosis, not something separate from us.

In this context, our job is to create with presence and conscious intent: May all that we Create first and foremost, BE for the Benefit and Nourishment of All Beings Now and Through Time.

This is a big intent, an audacious intent and one we many fail at before we succeed, but it changes the DNA of any technology by applying a design principles that at their core hold a long view of intent nourish life, in all its forms, through time, design principles grounded in our essential interconnectivity with all life.

Imagine if our commitment to create only for the well beings of all beings now and through time is the blueprint, the central design principle for all future technologies?

We have too many examples of technologies that have come at a great cost to the environment and to an array of species including human beings.

We can change this by shifting both our relationship to technology to an understanding that all creation is part of the Web of Life.

We can create technologies that are not extractive but regenerative that are born of compassion and an integral understanding of the interconnectivity of all creation.

We are all vessels for creation and catalysts for change.

In the kiss in the wind, in the Presence activated in a thought, in the remembrance of beauty and love, boddhicitta and consciousness is at the HEART of All.

Who are we to draw the line of separation?

What are you creating in your words, actions and thoughts in every moment?

Everything starts HERE ((( O ))).


Sarah .:. Drew

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