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Gaia Codex Book

"GAIA CODEX is one of the most transformative books I’ve ever read.  I literally stayed awake for over twenty four hours mesmerized and transported by its poetry, magic and beauty.  Its a book that sources its wisdom far beyond time and space and yet its a book written precisely for this moment in time.  I’ve given it to everyone in my circle and all have been transported by the story, reminded of their own essential nature, and called into something higher and wider then the visible life in which they partake.  There are books that touch you and inspire you and then there is a sacred text like Gaia Codex that literally alchemizes who you know yourself to be.  Don’t miss this stunning offering by Seer and Mystic Sarah Drew.  The time is urgent.  The code is calling to you. The moment is now."

Amy Elizabeth Fox

CEO and Founder, Mobius Executive Leadership 

"Sarah Drew’s Gaia Codex bears the ring of truth disguised as fiction. As many more become aware of our true nature, of the interconnectedness of all things, and of the illusion of form to which we have attached ourselves, it feels plausible to think that, like Lila Sophia, we might all shimmer with energy, communicate telepathically, see the future, read the past, remember past lives and recognize reincarnated souls, and find hope in the Divine Feminine. This post-apocalyptic tapestry of a tale, woven with lush language and ornate imagery, offers the possibility of metamorphosis, the chance for redemption, and the promise of what can happen when we stop harming the natural world and start nourishing it instead. Gripping in pace, urgent in its message, and rich with relatable characters, Gaia Codex transported me to a world so radiant that I was disheartened to come back to reality after finishing the book in one bed-ridden day. Yet even in my disappointment about how many of us have tragically lost touch with our Divine nature and with Mother Earth, I am filled with hope that one day, such fiction might become real life."

Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD

New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself

"A beautifully written, inspiring story, GAIA CODEX  is a portal into a magical world, one that we can — and must — shapeshift into reality. Sarah Drew pierces the veils of perception that divide past from present and future; she brings joy and hope through a riveting tale that honors the wisdom and power of nature, the feminine, and a Loving Earth."

John Perkins

NYT Bestselling Author and CoFounder of Pachamama Alliance 

"With heart, passion and originality Sarah’s wonderful book, Gaia Codex, returns the Divine Feminine to Her rightful center stage. Thankfully avoiding  common new age cliches, it brims with authenticity and meaning, and can bring any willing reader straight into their own heart center.  I was completely riveted and look forward to more and more people discovering this glorious book."

Tosha Silver

Bestselling Author of Outrageous Openness 

"GAIA CODEX  is a transformational text that carries within it one of the most important invitations of our time. It is a call for women to remember who we are as lineage holders of reverence for the sacredness of life through time. It is a call home to an encoded wisdom that knows how to live in profound right relationship with the intelligence of nature. It is an activator and a catalyst of awakening and remembering that is as much about stepping out of the current numb sleepwalk and into personal mastery, as it is about the deep belonging found in the circles of the feminine. This book can flick the switch in your  DNA like no other I have read. It is a potent key that can unlock aspects of self that are needed on this planet at this exact time - if we are to make it through."

Claire Dubois

Founder/CEO Tree Sisters

"Gaia Codex is a deep journey into the past and future to discover how we could live right now. Sarah Drew reveals not only the beauty of nature, but the better instincts of human nature as key. Gaia Codex will deepen your love of this living planet and commitment to the great work ahead."

Randy Hayes

Founder Rainforest Action Network 

"GAIA CODEX is truly a terma (a sacred found text) for our times. Brilliant. Moving. Captivating. Enchanting. Illuminating. Fabulous. I laughed, I cried, I was transported into an altered state where every word echoed through my cells and awakened knowings and memories of the ages. The world you have imagined resonated in the very fabric of my being. It is not imagined. It is a dream reawakened. It is ten thousand lifetimes remembered and retold anew. 

So much came to me in the reading. Much insight catalyzed. At times I wept in the deep recognition and the sheer beauty. When it was all over, I had tears coming out of my eyes for several hours although I was not actually crying. I was just so touched and energized. Thank you for this Gift. Bowing deeply…. It deserves to be distributed widely and adored by many. "

Cynthia Jurs

Author of "Summoned by the Earth", Founder of Gaia Mandala 

"At this critical time in human history, an essential navigational instrument for our way forward is the renewal of our stories. Gaia Codex is an exquisite novel transmitted as a long-forgotten text and incantation reconnecting us to our living Mother planet and feminine wisdom while opening our hearts and minds to different ways of knowing and ancient memories. As you read this wonderful story, you will see it emerges unexpectedly as if from our own dreams, yet spoken through the ages. Transformative and beautiful."

Osprey Orielle Lake

Founder, WECAN International and award-winning author of "Uprisings for the Earth" and "The Story is in Our Bones"

"The Gaia Codex is a magical tale of humanity’s metamorphosis — the evolution of our worldview and our DNA. Sarah Drew has created a beautiful story filled with powerful teachings and positive visions of our future evolution that are relevant for our time.  The book weaves together the ancient wisdom of Earth Honoring cultures, the laws of nature, and the present day realities of our planetary crisis. It is a story of the rise of the feminine! I hope many more people read it and become empowered to take action in service to serve the web of life and our collective (r)evolution towards a more harmonious, interdependent and interconnected coexistence with nature and our human family."

Atossa Soltani

Founder and Board President, Amazon Watch 

"Gaia Codex is a transmission in the guise of a creation story about the re-emergence of the sacred feminine to help birth a new world. It transmits the divine feminine archetype in greater dimensionality and with a sensual and relational sweetness I’ve rarely encountered elsewhere. A joy to read, it offers nectar in the form of remembering all the power, capacity and grace that lies within our embodied female capabilities, and that are but a fractal of the consciousness that permeate our mother Earth, herself. As a reminder of all that we carry, all that we are, and how we might best face this transformational moment of life on Earth, this book is tender and potent medicine for this time. Every woman and girl should read it, as it will strengthen our abilities to bring all that we are and can be to this pivotal time with self-appreciation, reverence and remembering."

Nina Simons

President and Co-Founder of Bioneers

"GAIA CODEX restores my hope for a future that is born from the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine that resides inside all of us. I run an organization with thousands of women members around the world, and  it has come as no surprise to me that the Gaia Codex has a cult following with so many of them. I'm literally on the edge of my seat in anticipation and excitement for this book to be made into a movie. Seeing Sarah Drew's world on the big screen will be nothing less than extraordinary....and revolutionary"

KC Baker

Founder/CEO WomanSpeak

"Sarah Drew is nothing short of a prophetic visionary whose words awaken the pathway to reclaiming our union within ourselves and healing our disconnection with nature.


Her novel GAIA CODEX, is an epic adventure, that seeds a global movement, igniting the vital, ancient remembrance that we each hold a mystical connection with our Mother Earth. This lush narrative, is a catalysis for the Rising of the Feminine in these times of transformation a story that awakens the heart, vision and stewardship that will save humanity from self-destruction and the continued degradation of our environment.


In my eyes, as a woman and leader of women, Sarah’s work is a sacred text that has deepened my own understanding of what it means to be a daughter of Earth."

Lauren Elizabeth Walsh

Founder/CEO of The Global Sisterhood 

"I’ve been teaching thousands of women the principles of Nature-based Divine Feminine spirituality for years now and this book is filled with those same magical secrets. I love the way Sarah weaves these mysteries so poetically and beautifully through this fascinating read. I simply wasn’t ready for the book to end. If you want a deeper sense of the ways of the priestess this book is a must read. If you long to align your life with the ways of the natural world, read this book. If you would like to more fully understand the alchemical process of transformation dive into the world of the Gaia Codex and enjoy! Sarah Drew truly captures the essence of the Divine Feminine. Thank you for writing this powerful book!"

Lisa Michaels

International Bestselling Author * Prosperous Priestess Handbook 

"Sarah Drew is sourcing divine wisdom in Gaia Codex. It’s the kind of book that can be read on so many levels, but at its core, this is an illuminated manuscript, the kind of which is the title of the book itself. We are all experiencing intense shifts on the planet and in human consciousness. Gaia Codex illuminates a future requiring us all to honor, embrace and respect our planet for the ways it literally embodies us. I want my daughter to read this book when she is old enough to understand and act from the wisdom in this book—a timeless treasure for humanity."

Holly Payne

Award Winning Author and Founder, CEO of Booxby 

"For any woman awakening to the true feminine power within her very body and soul, Gaia Codex is not only a must-read, it is a get-to read! Wrapped in the kind of story that makes you never want to put the book down (I consumed it within 48 hours), Sarah Drew has magically weaved in powerful mystical ‘keys’ that make you feel like portals of remembrance and a long-forgotten truth are awakening inside your heart. Gaia Codex is not just another book, it’s a spiritual adventure and an invitation into a sisterhood of other women who are rising to take their place to weave a new world that not only honors the feminine but celebrates, protects and embraces Her."

Christine Arylo

Best-selling author and spiritual activist 

"Gaia Codex is more than just a novel. It is a languorous immersion into a clear, cool stream of consciousness.- a journey into something ancient and protean. Ms. Drew’s deft prose marries the genomic and supernatural to the indigenous and urban. Something revelatory emerges from the chrysalis and by the final chapter, it feels less like a work of fiction and more like a Movement."

Christopher Miles


"Sarah Drew is a beautiful and powerful leader, author, and resource for the integrity, healing and survival of our planet. Her novel, Gaia Codex, reveals the teachings of ancient feminine wisdom & the 4.6 billion year old technology of this planet. Everything we need is here."

Laura Margosian

"The Gaia Codex is not only a book, but a living transmission, an ecosystem, a DNA activation, and a future song that comes even more to life each time I read it, and seems to grow in potency each time each of us reads it.


It is a piece of clairvoyant art, here to accompany us and expand us in this time, a Now piece, an evolutionary opera and a dirge for the dying past, a pregnant story that tells of this liminal space we are in as we bridge the old paradigms and the new knowings of what it is to be a human.


As I read, I felt that my imagination and perception was being widened to fully accept what is happening now to open and receive the future we know is possible.


Sarah Drew is a true world creatrix — she inhabits realms and dimensions from within and then tells us about it, or rather lives it and then shares it. This is her genius. The act of this book is one of deep and brilliant generosity— manifest through her source and direct channel to the Earth, to Gaia. We enter this world and we are transformed. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Dr. Megan Poe, MD

Founder and Professor NYU Public Psychiatry Fellowship 

"Gaia Codex had an immediate and visceral effect on me. The book is a sensual delight, cinematic in scope, an epic adventure…I didn’t so much read it as devour it. And more than once! So immersive was the story, I felt as if I was both taking the journey and dispensing the wisdom along the way. Each chapter revealed to me a little more about my own experience of being a woman and searching for my source of deep inner knowing. Sarah Drew has been able to create a story that is universal in its themes, and resonates so personally for so many women. Gaia Codex has been a profound influence on my work as a futurist, coach, and guide to high performing individuals. I use it as a “teaching text” with clients who are coming into an awareness of feminine wisdom. What could be more important now than a captivating heroine’s journey and instruction manual for the birthing of a new world? We need Gaia Codex to guide us through these tumultuous times."

Schuyler Brown

Art of Emergence 

"The Gaia Codex is the most delicious feast. When I began this book, I honestly could not put it down. I wanted to be continually immersed in the sensory field, adventure, poetry, and mythos that Sarah Drew so artfully created. This book is medicine in that it returns to you something you needed, but had not known or found before. Gaia Codex is not an ordinary book, rather it is a wisdom transmission. It helps one recall what it would be like to be more woven in a community of women and to have a shared mission that has crucial significance. It offers insight into the richness of humanity and what is needed as a collective to move forward as stewards of our earth home."

Olivia Clementine

Herbalist, Yogini, Host Love & Liberation Podcast

"Gaia Codex is an exquisite tale of metamorphosis, of death and rebirth of a civilization; such a relevant topic to our current situation in this world. 


This story is not only an inspiration to all women wishing to reconnect with the Goddess, but it also has the potential to inspire all humans to dream of the possibilities of our species, and its relationship to the Earth. It is a tale about the rebirth of the Goddess, and therefore the rebirth of humankind as a harmonious and symbiotic species on Earth. There is much truth to this epic tale and many prophetic visions for those that can see. 


Gaia Codex has been deeply inspirational in my own journey of reconnection with the Feminine realms. It somehow encapsulates the archetypal journey of all women in the path of the Priestess, told in the most poetic and epic way. Each character of this story relates to ancient female archetypes that live in our minds as a part of the feminine psyche, but have been repressed by the patriarchy. I feel immensely grateful for Sarah Drew, for her dharmic vision to bring these to life through this transformational mythic tale so they can be recognized, remembered and reintegrated in our collective consciousness.


The manifestation of Gaia Codex as a visual story, a feature film, will be a powerful and much needed Gift for women taking undertaking this journey of reunion with the Goddess and the Path of the Priestess, but also for humanity to move from extraction to symbiosis with the Earth. 


The richness of this story has become a part of my Feminine subconscious and I often dream about it. I wish for this story to be told, to be read and to be seen by many, so that these dreams can be shared and reality can be metamorphized into a new mystical tale for humanity. I encourage all called to join on this magical, mystical, life changing journey of collective alchemy and awakening."

Magdalena Satori

Originator of YIN Institute; Co-founder of The Assemblage

"A Must Read For Women of All Ages!  For any reader looking to go deeper into the feminine values – Earth, creation, being, community, nature and more, I highly recommend Gaia Codex. This original novel’s theme of conscious evolution is a timely topic and resonated deeply with me. I enjoyed the lush imagery of Sarah’s words, a reminder of how important each of us are in protecting Mother Gaia."

Rachael O’Meara

Award Winning author of PAUSE 

"I LOVE this book! GAIA CODEX is a brilliant, timeless history of the Divine Feminine and provides an empowering map -to better understand where we have come from and where we are going. I believe all ages and inclinations will be fed by your offering. I am grateful for what you have done. It is exquisite. Thank you!!"

Kimberly Carter Gamble

Director of THRIVE, the Movie, CEO of Clear Compass Media 

"The Gaia Codex is a living, breathing piece of art that transcends the page by illuminating a story we all know in our hearts.   The book has has become a touchstone in communities that are quite literally changing the world.  It’s power has just begun to unfold.


The heart of Sarah Drew’s creative genius rests in her ability to play the scales between being grounded in her deep connection with the Earth while simultaneously connected to the farthest reaches of consciousness.  She embodies the timeless power of deep listening by making the intangible tangible… the silence accessible… and the ultimate vision attainable.   She is the practical visionary we need for these times, equally at home on a stage as she is alone in the forest or sitting at home belly-laughing with friends. May this book reach far and wide."

Molly Birkholm 

"I didn’t know that it was possible to remember the future… until I spent two straight days immersed in Sarah Drew’s revelatory book, Gaia Codex, whose words are planting themselves like seeds around the world, giving rise to a new vision for life on Earth. 


Like the shape-shifting characters in the novel, here we find eternal truths dressed up in fiction's clothing, each new page a doorway leading us closer to our own inherent courage and wisdom.


Vivid language and rich descriptions of ancient and future lands allow the reader to participate in the book as if it were some sort of emotionally intelligent video game, one that offers multi-dimensional characters whose century-spanning friendships and romances come alive in your heart. 


Gaia Codex captures that rare alchemical magic of a book destined to become a classic in that it is both timely and timeless. It's a book that yearns for its incarnation as a culture-shaping film or series with the power to ignite a new era of wisdom-infused humanity."

Téana David

Executive Director of the Illuminate Film Festival 

"The Gaia Codex is rooted in the deep wisdom of women’s mysteries long past and from this grounding speaks with clarity and power to the spirituality of the future. The current global crisis is so severe that only new leadership – from women – will suffice to guide civilization into a more holistic way of being in our world. Sarah has written a new song line for humanity."

Jim Garrison

President of Ubiquity University and Founder of Global World Forum  

"When we thaw the frost of this false illusion, we see clearly into the mirror that holds our most sacred reflection. The Gaia Codex is quite literally a key code that unlocks, allows passage to and from and gives us an understanding of the reverently held storage of all of our collective stories crafted in this initiation that Sarah so vividly offers us. 


There is something deeply stirring in the pages that form Gaia Codex. And the only word to adequately describe this enchantment is… primal. The chapters swirl like tissues unwinding around your bones. It’s that kind of instinctual recognition that Gaia Codex calls forth from so many dormant particles of ourselves, the pieces of us waiting to be decoded and unlocked for the emergent earth we are remembering, reclaiming, and reverently reimagining for us all.


Reading Gaia Codex induced an awakening to more than simply unexplored fragments of myself, it  truly created a deep desire inside of my entire being to aspire for a way of life that cultivates a kindred sistership I had previously never imagined. "

Mia Visyak Glass

"Gaia Codex draws you in with a familiar and delicious feeling, of the kind you get when an accomplished story-teller beckons you to pull up a chair. Lila Sophia’s journey is set in an outward world descending into chaos, but unfolds in an inner landscape that is finely woven, richly detailed, well worn but shown anew.  Above all this is a story resonant with the possibility of deep, deep connection: among women; between past, present and future; among humans and a living, breathing world; and between woman and man."

Eban Goodstein

Economist and Director of the Center for Environmental Policy and the MBA in Sustainability at Bard College

"Gaia Codex a revolutionary transmission that awakens our ancient memories and our personal insights to the destiny of what is taking place now. This book is destined to spread like wildfire, consciously uplifting souls that are ready to understand the Divine Feminine at whole new levels, and also very pertinent to our lives today."

Debra Guisti

Founder of Harmony Festival 

"Consider our world, if men and women truly understood the role and power of the feminine and its relationship to the Earth. GAIA CODEX truly invites the reader to experience this. I couldn’t put this book down. The language is rich, the story inviting and I recommend that you read it."

Bonnie Gray

(wife of John Gray, Men Are From Mars , Women Are from Venus)

"This is a compelling Call to All Being Devoted to Transforming our Mother Earth. If you want a stunning experience of remembrance of being a priestess with roots in the stars, this is the book for you! It describes etheric temples in such a vivid and fulfilling way, that you just want to align your life to be living there NOW! It comes in the form of a cautionary tale about what will happen to ourselves and our Mother Gaia, if we don’t wake up immediately and begin living in devoted service to Her! I cannot recommend the Gaia Codex highly enough!"

Ariel Spilsbury

Author, Mayan Oracle, 13 Moon Oracle and Gaia’s New DreamCoat 

"The beautiful work of Sarah Drew is coming to us in a timely manner. We need more of conscious, inspirational and educational stories and Sarah has done a wonderful job with Gaia Codex. The profound underlying story and inner work that is prevalent in this body of work is letting us know how we can walk gently and consciously on our planet and alongside human kind and how we can heal and uplift those in need. Women need strong, powerful, caring, sensitive, trustworthy mentors to learn from and Gaia Codex reminds us all and teaches us how to be, do and have that guidance in our lives for ourselves and for the world around us."

Dr. Ann West

Host and Producer of Truth from the Source Radio 

"Gaia Codex is beautifully woven and deeply reminiscent of an ancient wisdom time and space, rekindling the Circle of community, prayers of connection with the Earth and the return of female empowerment."

Dr. Carla Kleefeld, PH.D., LPCC

Board Member Women’s Donor Network

"Sarah Drew weaves stories that captivate and inspire. Her wisdom is cultivated from a deep understanding of the global human experience. Gaia Codex will touch the depths of your soul and will up lift your heart to what the world can be when we fully see the connection between compassionate societies and environmental resilience."

Abigail Noble

CEO of The Impact, CoFounder of Socreates 

"The Gaia Codex is a spiritual hot page turner! The perfect combination of heartbreak and breakthrough in the story. You never know what is going to happen and each portal opens to new magic that you can feel. Perhaps the most powerful part for me was in the deep remembering of the feminine lineage that Sarah was able to bring into story form. There is hope in these pages, although it takes us through the darkness of our ignorance about how we are being with the planet and one another. I wish it continued – I didn’t want it to end – and would have loved to hang out longer in the sensual part of the union …. perhaps another book …. a movie? As a woman who travels between the worlds myself, I bow to Sarah for bringing this through."

Shiloh Sophia

Author, Artist and Teacher

"A deep and sweeping journey of inspiration, vision, awakening and remembrance — embodied in masterful storytelling.I wanted to inhale the book all at once. Instead, I read a chapter each night so as to plunge deeply, allowing the essence to infuse my soul with its truth while I slept, unencumbered by the burdens of the daily three-dimensional world. It stimulated the memories in my DNA, still raw and close to the surface… giving me permission, to once again nourish and connect on many levels to the Sisterhood I have known for numerous lifetimes. These are the true alchemists of time, who, together are transforming the heart and soul of humankind into a higher form. I recognize many of you incarnate in this lifetime, and know I will continue to connect as we dance this new world into being."

Janice Hall

President NNI

"A Gita for the Goddess, GAIA CODEX delivers me into a world I already know as my own, a world that knows itself in the burden and the blessing every woman’s carries.  To read it is be wrapped in a fabric of memories my soul has known throughout time, memories I hold in my blood, bone, and breath, memories woven into every love and loss that has touched my life, into the love-song I walk with the earth and the More-Than-Human world. Gaia brings this inner knowing into vibrant, poignant, and holy detail.  I believe it can be this for all women, young or old.  I believe it can be a bridge for mothers and daughters, teens and elders, sisters and friends, unlocking a deeper communion and purpose than we believed possible.  The book as an invitation know ourselves as carriers of the evolutionary impulse of humanity.  May it travel to hearts and souls far and wide."

Samantha Sweetwater

Founder Dancing Freedom 

"So grateful, Sister Sarah, for the astounding gift of Gaia Codex. Luminous initiation & heart-stirring memories.  Filled to the brim with blessings. YES!"

Rachel Bagby

Poet and Visionary Catalyst for the Feminine 

"Sarah, I am FULLY ACTIVATED from reading your brilliant, Divine, POWERFUL MANUSCRIPT ~ GAIA CODEX!!!  I am blown away…..truly astonished. A  blend of Avatar, The Red Tent, and The Mists of Avalon, it reads like a movie and I am sharing with my friends that it will be a blockbuster HIT!  I feel deeply transformed after reading this book and I feel that any Human Being that comes in to contact with the Gaia Codex will be forever changed and fully activated in their truth and power to continue forth on this journey of the Great Mother. It’s as if you are calling forth all of us that have been asleep…..Thank You!"

Catherine Scherwenka

ONENESS International Teacher and Trainer

"Sometimes we come across a rare gem-something so clear, beautiful and shining with light that we can not pass it by. This beauty is the GAIA CODEX. From the moment that I picked up this book – I was immersed in a world that felt at once deeply familiar and one that I had been yearning for another to express.

My sister Sarah Drew has been the vessel for this essential story to be told. The remembrance of our deep and powerful Priestess Lineages is of urgent and timely importance. We know that so many of us are being called to stand in as women of spirit, sacred vessels to “be” a new paradigm of the divine feminine in embodied form. This story weaves our threads together in both a powerful and timely call to action. We are being called to connect with the “reactivation codes” because it is time for us to remember.

Just recently I was in Glastonbury- I happened, of course, to have this book with me- and as i sat at the Chalice Well- I thought I saw Old Woman slide between the veils to touch my hand- I felt Lila Sophia and the Chateau Lumiere- I felt the connection between us all- ancient and future sisters who are called to walk as devoted loving service int his world. This is a story- a work of fiction – and if you look between the veils it is an offering of deep mystery steeped in powerful wisdom and potent alchemical transmission – that will change you as you as you as you read."

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Founder of Priestess Presence 

"As I begin this review, it is 4:27am. The moon is almost full. The eclipse lingers in the realm of destined likelihood and my surrender deepens past the place I know how to articulate. I have just finished this book and its intentional arrow has penetrated me. Its transmission has magnetized its way into the center of the center of my heart.


I am grateful to Sarah Drew for being a divine vessel that can hold the sacred stories and offer them to my world and the world in this compelling, evocative way. In the realm of magical realism, the magic is made real by the feeling of truth in the bones that is undeniable to those who are called to it. The timing, as much divine timing is, is auspicious. I could not have read this book at a more perfect time and trust if you are drawn to it as well, it will be perfect for you. When I awoke this morning, I prayed for a miracle, some way to feel the magic of life again, more deeply, and this moment has been an answered prayer. I love how books can hold keys to the doors within ourselves that feel locked and I am grateful for this key"

Rochelle Schieck

Author and Creator of QOYA 

"I have just finished your magnificent novel, Gaia Codex, and I was deeply touched by it and I have a million thoughts and insights as a result. I see clearly that it is something you had to write. I can see and sense the influences that led to its creation. It has so much depth and beauty and reads like honey melting on the tongue. The cover image is stunningly beautiful and the contents match it in warmth, eternal wisdom, feminine beauty, imagination and divine light. You have rendered Mother Earth a delicious and important gift. I for one will be buying more copies to share with my mother and friends, and I’ll be re-reading it soon as clearly it can be read on so many levels. I salute you my fellow lover of Pachamama! Bless you for your creative work and the birth of such a sublime offering to the goddess and Gaia."

Jacqueline Wigglesworth

London, United Kingdom

"Sometimes in life, a gift comes to you… one that may shift and shape yourself in the right moment. For the sacred wisdom that we women embody, for the powerful force of love an intuition that always guides us… its is time to wake… and realize what are we capable of. What lies within every one of us. During this personal journey, awakening to the Inner Goddess within, this book came to me at the perfect moment. GAIA CODEX by Sarah Drew became my magical companion for many nights, its is that kind of book you just cant stop reading, that captures and moves you to places you were longing to go…this book lives in me forever. For every other man and woman out there, if there is a book you need to read. Its this one."

Prema Buitrago

"Gaia Codex is a living transmission of the divine feminine and the ancient wisdom that pulsates in all of us. It’s a reminder of our connection to this Earth and is a possibility of how we can live as humans attuned to life and opened fully to our multidimensional nature. I loved how the book brings in a worldly perspective integrating many cultures, and I felt a deep connection to these ancient Priestesses of Astera. The book takes you on a journey around the globe, and simultaneously into the deepest part of your being. Filled with sacredness, nourishment, beauty, connection, soul and exquisite descriptions that make you feel like you are one with the story. Gaia Codex has inspired me with the ancient remembrance of the feminine and the potentiality of it being remembered, lived and embodied in the 21st century that we live."

Nicole Hemmer

Transpersonal Psychologist and Transformational Life Coach 

"I LOVE this book so much!!! The Gaia Codex awakened me, inspired me, and delighted me. Its beauty, poetry, rich descriptions transported me into the past and the future, in a way that felt so refreshing and new, and yet reminded me of something I once knew. It filled me with tears, laughter, and hope. Masterfully written, a exquisite adventure full of deep truths and wisdom, against a stunning backdrop of post breakdown, London, Paris, Glastonbury, the Amazon  – places I know well, Sarah brings them to life so beautifully and hauntingly. I felt myself remembering that which had fallen dormant within me, coming alive again as I read,  wandering through the different worlds with Lila Sophia, yearning for the sisterhood and mentorship she experiences and then feeling a deep gratitude and recognition for all the priestesses and sisters that I already have in my life, seeing them with new appreciation. I never wanted the book to end. It left me with a deep re-commitment to be of service in any way I can to our precious earth, and a profound sense of energy and excitement and gratitude to be a part of the rise of the feminine divine and reclaiming and regenerating our world.  This book is more than just an excellent read, it is a call to awaken, to take action, to remember, to cherish. Thank you thank you thank you."

Zoë Tyron

Activist, Explorer and Founder of One of the Tribe

"Sarah Drew’s Gaia Codex is an invitation to remember our ancient internal wisdom.  I was entertained, captivated, and curious if there was a latent magic and power within me from my ancestors and women who have lived close to the Earth from generations past and present, just waiting to be unlocked. I was mystified with hope that the future can be reunited with past wisdom teachings, and we can once again live in balance with the Earth and her many inhabitants."

Kelsey Barrett

Founder of Heavy Nettle 

"Reading Gaia Codex activated something deep within me that was just starting to emerge, like remembering a shared dream. Anyone who reads it will likely awaken to her own priestess within, as I did, and attune to the ancient wisdom that is calling forth through women everywhere. A magical experience, both a remembrance and a prophecy!"

Cindy Ma

Founder and Host SHE LivingTV

"Gaia Codex is an awakening to the sacred dimension of our role as leaders.  It reminds us we are not alone; the sisterhood of Astera is alive and well and holding hands across the expansive belly of Gaia. We are living in the times of Gaia Codex. We need hope, a guiding vision, and a myth that inspires us to become the leaders for which we have been waiting. We long for a story that speaks directly to the soul, which is what makes Gaia Codex a champion and lodestar for the Great Turning and the journey we must take on behalf of everything we love."

Edveeje Fairchild, M.Ed.

Founder of A Woman’s Nature School

Founding Chief Operations Officer of TreeSisters

"The day came when the treasure arrived. I had waited with such inner knowing and anticipation about the arrival of the treasure that I knew that would be contained in this Codex, I held the book to my heart and sat quietly to see what would reveal itself inside the pages. I was not disappointed, the pages came alive as I read, reread and reread the story, my story, revealed through the lives and past lives of the priestesses in the codex, I dreamed of times past as I recaptured my own life, parts being lived now in the present and parts  were resurrected from times past.The delivery of the story, the beauty and grace was there in full colour before my eyes and in my heart.  I cried, my heart smiled again.

Sarah, Goddess and Priestess, bless you for bringing forth this incrediable book, a must for for all whom are drawn to the remembrance of who we were and who we are.

Sarah you have given me a great gift and through that gift I am writing , amazing, exciting and I am truly blessed to have you in my life.



New Zealand

"I have finished your book within 24 hours. I just want to say a really heart felt “Thank you”. I am so grateful that you wrote what you received. It is a gift, a living legacy, a beautiful thread entwining past, present and future. It embues the spirit with hope and ignites the Goddess within us all. As I read I got in touch with my essence, oh you make me so happy, this majestic release….Your words have power, good words, kind words, words which Mother Earth joys to hear, oh I am so glad you uttered them and gave them life. So much love and gratitude is in my heart. Thank you."

Melissa Butcher


"Sarah, I salute you as deep priestess, transducer of women’s knowledge, sister-voice that triggers the unfolding of evolutionary code. The Gaia Codex is sacred story of epic proportions. In it, eons of wisdom are compressed, then re-shaped to be accessible to a modern questing mind.  Like the Zohar or the I Ching, its layered commentary invites the reader into mysteries beyond the waking mind. Its lovely, haunting, oracular language resonates within, long after the reading is done. Thank you for calling out and nurturing the ever-morphing Gaian goddess that abides in our womanly bodies. Blessings on the emergence of this treasure."

Bonnie Bell

Creator of Gaia Star Codex Divination Cards 

"I am a true lover of the Gaia Codex. By that I mean, reading it transported me to a deeper knowing of myself and the universe. I asked my husband to read it so he could more fully know me. Thank you for your remembering and all you bring to the emerging Sacred Feminine in all of us and the world."

Amy Jo Mattheis

Author and TEDx’r 

"Reading, rejoicing, and remembering. This is the first book I’ve been able to read front to back in YEARS ! The wisdom embedded within the coded words is pure magic. As I read by being is filled with chills, that depths I have journeyed to within myself are written on the pages before me. My sisters have remembered. We ARE re-mem-ber-ing!

THANK YOU, Sarah Drew, sacred priestess sister ~ I am eternally grateful for this remembering & rooted deeper in my KNOWing of my gifts and the change we are here to birth upon our precious Earth. May this book travel to souls far & wide."

Evin Bliss Laurel

"I was captivated by the lush descriptions, fabulous characters and totally engaging adventure in Gaia Codex, but this book is so much more. Sarah Drew addresses the crucial shift that is taking place on our planet right now in a way that does not shrink from it’s dire nature, but also offers a vision of hope. Good stories have always had power to be transformative vehicles and Gaia Codex is a transformative blueprint for those who are ready to see it. I hope it is widely read and taken to heart."

Michelle Simonson

Founder Sparks and Leaps 

"From the moment I picked up Gaia Codex, I felt my cells responding with a deep primordial urge to activate something inside of me… something I had assumed was already working at full throttle. My love for Mother Earth has been strong and solid throughout my life, but this shifted me into a new place of knowing. A familiarity… a longing… I can’t even articulate the full scope of what I felt as I traveled deeper within its pages. I felt my DNA changing, guided by Lila Sophia, a metamorphosis into my own soul remembrance of every lifetime I’ve experienced on this amazing and magnificently loving planet. What a gift this is to the world. Thank you Sarah Drew, for creating this written sentient being which left me feeling fluent in the language of Mother Earth."

Kristy Sweetland, MTP, ACC

Founder of Coaching to Come Alive

"Once in a while a story wakes you up. I began reading Sarah Drew’s Gaia Codex late one evening in early January 2014 and finished it as the dawn rose over the redwoods of Northern California. I saw the world through new eyes. Gaia Codex is a breathtaking tale of timeless love woven by a woman who knows and lives the divine. Our world has been waiting for Gaia Codex. Don’t wait to read it!"

Brian J Weller

Educator, activist and business development specialist

"This book (GAIA CODEX) needs to be made into a movie! So deeply moving, captivating and activating for our times. She lives in us, and the time is now to remember I recommend the GAIA CODEX by Sarah  Drew for all women and men who wish to understand and feel the re-emergence of the goddess and her gifts for these times."

Ananda Lila

Founder Divine Playground of the Goddess

"I am filled with immense gratitude for GAIA CODEX. This poetic tale has served as a guide on my path in the most profound and sacred ways. GAIA CODEX is a deep transmission that meets my heart’s deepest desires. The time has come for this story to be shared and spread to many."

Magalie Bonneau

Founder of HER RISING~Dancing Without Borders

"Gaia Codex is an eloquent gift and guide, an elegant weaving of skillfull storytelling and sacred ancient wisdom teachings in reverence of the divine feminine, humanity’s ultimate potential for intuitive and intelligent action, and to the Earth herself, whose survival in its natural state depends on the awakening of the global collective consciousness."

Christy Brown

Yoga, Meditation Teacher/Founder Christy Brown Yoga 

"From the very first words on, I knew GAIA CODEX was a magickal text written for me, for my heart, and the knowing and remembering that resides within all of us. Instantly connecting us through these memories, this Codex is truly a Living Book. At once fractalian, as the words transmit and accelerate transformation within my own being, and also a beautiful sharing of the greater Being, this larger process of transformation we’re all in together. The wisdom being gifted through these codes are a promise straight from the heart of our Mama, passed on to each other over aeons. Whispered through the wind and the scent of the earth herself. These codes coming to light, in this way, are a powerful sign of our times and what’s possible right now."

Nina Von Feldmann

Healer, Artist, Producer-Dreamdanz International and WaterSines

"To find yourself at the intersection of nature, and history, and magic is to step into the world of Gaia Codex. Reading this delightful book is like taking a journey not only into these worlds, but also into your own soul. In the end you will discover yourself initiated, and courageously renewed."

Claire Savage

"This brings tears to my eyes!!!  WOW!! Gaia Codex is a masterpiece, here to be part of a huge shift in consciousness and in the world.  It is a key, a transmission, a code to awaken the Divine Feminine in humanity. It is a deep reflection of so many of us on this planet at this time who are moving into our greater mission. GAIA CODEX will be a valuable teaching text in our workshops for Mothers and Daughters in the path of the Divine Feminine.  It is a book not only for women of all ages but also for men who want to more deeply understand the women they love. Thank you for this Gift!"

Elizabeth Scherwenka

Teacher-Coach Oneness America

"Waves of laughter and tears with rich and luscious imagery transport the reader into a world of magic and creative promise, awakening our awareness and guiding us towards a future worth creating.

Reading GAIA CODEX inspires the reader into a journey, awakening the imagination with depth and insight filled with magic and possibility. 

This Journey clearly references our current time, revealing the most likely outcome if we continue this path of unconscious management of our resources without regard for the future of our species.

It is a transmission of wisdom, sensory awareness and consciousness for cultivating our relationship to the Mother Earth.

Sarah’s writing draws us into a luscious new world and I was unable to put the book down, waiting for moments when I could continue reading. When I finished I was left wanting more.

Gaia Codex is an important, timeless book that has great wisdom for people of all ages."

Lynn Augstein

Dimensional Light Artist and Designer 

"When the Web is stimulated by plucking a string of the Mystery, it affects all life through resonance. This book accomplishes that as it travels through time, space, imagination and wisdom, leaving the reader in connection with direct knowing. It is Time for the Divine Feminine Remembrance to be actualized, in all ways, through all mediums. This book is one of those ways, and I am delighted that Sarah Drew has brought it through!"

Lila Sophia Tresemer

Founder of the Sophia Lineage, author “Don’t Go Back to Sleep” 

"Thank you with my whole heart for the Gaia Codex. I lingered over each word, each codex, in this book of re-membering, As I read the novel,  ancient hopes and new visions within the very bones and cells of my being were awakened.  For me, the Gaia Codex is a luminous evocation of all that we have forgotten and all that we have always known. It is a call ever deeper to that which we may have only encountered in the dreamtime or in the wild. A call to nothing less than a ‘resouling’ of the collective within both our individual bodies and the body of our Mother Earth."

Christian Leahy

Founder Studio Poema: Illuminating the New Story-Writer and Earth Activist

"There is a gift that is shared among women and men throughout Earth’s evolutionary history. To receive it one listens with the silent center of the heart. It is made of sacred substance that gives archetypal shape and form to all creation. The gift awakens us and opens portals into spiritual dimensions of consciousness.

Gaia Codex is such a gift as a novel. Received by Sarah Drew’s heart and transmitted through her devoted writer’s soul into text. Gaia Codex is a powerful love story for this potent transformative moment in time. Through her mytho-poetic story-teller’s weaving, novelist Sarah Drew illuminates a divine feminine wisdom path of radical awakening, species maturation, and planetary evolution.

Gaia Codex is “A Must Read Novel” not because it is an elegant story of feminine initiation, healing and awakening, it is essential reading because Gaia is calling us all to remember the truth that is hidden within the sacred chambers of our heart. We are Oneness expressing Itself as Gaia again and again and again."

June Katzen

Archetypal Psychologist and Astrologer

"Dear Sarah  thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul, for your work. Your creation, devotion, wisdom, and offering. the Gaia Codex changed my life. It was everything I could ever dream of reading. There are plenty of texts, daily poems shared by sisters around the world here on facebook, my own thoughts and dreams and experiences, …. that are of the same heart as that of the Gaia Codex. but to put it all together so wonderfully and beautifully… to go that deep is *almost* unfathomable because it is so potent…. it is so intense… but reading that book released the weights of that intensity and I am so grateful. It is like thinking and feeling and knowing all of it to those depths in all the details but not being able to fully get it all out because it is so ineffable! So to read it word for word, and read it out loud, and cry every other page, was such a blessing. I felt like it was “home”. Even though I can come home when I do my adornments or sit at my altar, or play a drum or sing or dance or play in a creek or sit under the stars. I am home touching a single box hand carved from a Ukranian woman. I am home when I dwell in love and gratitude and feel my body breathing. I see the Goddess in each thing. but when I read that book I felt so at home, so understood, so….. hopeful and in deepest gratitude. ignited and sparlking. Thank you, for being you Ma."

Jenna Bray

"The GAIA CODEX is not something that was read by me, but rather a living  experience through me. It spurred the unearthing of knowing’s excavated from the depth of this one’s Soul.  There were moments when Presence came alive within me, alerting me to pay close attention to what was being revealed on the page. My breath deepened and slowed and time seemed to stand still, as my whole being received downloads of new perspectives or deep knowledge this Soul had been carrying for eons. Sarah Drew has created an enchanting fictional work of writing, while revealing higher truths, power and wisdom.  It will be revisited over time, as I have no doubt there is more that has yet to be revealed when I’m ready to receive! Much Gratitude for Gaia Codex!"

Lotus Lindley

Founder, Soul Song Guidance 

"I just finished reading your book…. I didn’t want it to end… I’m so ready for more… this book touched me in so many ways… it’s like I’ve travel to another space and time… like a parallel world… and brought back all of this wisdom. Plus it left me with deep feelings of knowing that there’s more to this life… we live in a magical imaginary universe… thank you so much for doing what you do… Hopefully you’ll write another book! Bless you!"

Jocelyne Kern

"I just finished reading Gaia Codex and as soon as I finished, I started reading it again!  Thank you!"

Carol McClelland

"The GAIA CODEX is not something that was read by me, but rather a living  experience through me. It spurred the unearthing of knowing’s excavated from the depth of this one’s Soul.  There were moments when Presence came alive within me, alerting me to pay close attention to what was being revealed on the page. My breath deepened and slowed and time seemed to stand still, as my whole being received downloads of new perspectives or deep knowledge this Soul had been carrying for eons. Sarah Drew has created an enchanting fictional work of writing, while revealing higher truths, power and wisdom.  It will be revisited over time, as I have no doubt there is more that has yet to be revealed when I’m ready to receive! Much Gratitude for Gaia Codex!"

Lotus Lindley

"I’m enthralled with GAIA CODEX! Sarah Drew has crafted a beautiful work  for us all; guiding us to reawaken to cellular memories of magnificent connection and alignment with Mother Earth. This book is so hopeful and timely. I savored each of the rich, unusual descriptions and the other worldly characters. Nuances from lifetimes of memories are coming alive for me. The Codex itself is so fresh and rife with meaning, history and insights. I feel as though I’m remembering a much deeper part of myself and every page provides a key to greater understanding. Sarah, thank you for shining your beautiful soul through each page…this book is a true Gift so well written, so rich in detail, story design and the deepest of interwoven meanings. Gaia Codex is a book about redemption that Awakens Life Within."

Sedena Campanelli

Co-Founder Age Nation,World Council of Wisdom Keepers and Award Winning Author “Don’t Go Quietly” 

Gaia Codex is a wonderful story, lovingly told. A deep journey into womanism, mysticism, and fantasy, especially special for men to  experience. Full of poetry, beauty, and surprise – “thrall and throng!”

Michael Naimark

Media Artist, Inventor, Lecturer USC and MIT 

"Ancient memories, future visions, and timeless codes are being activated as I read through Gaia's Codex. Priestesses, Sisterhood, Shape-shifters, Rainbow-Colored Women, Igniting Soul Magic, Delphi, Omphalo, Theo, Hieros & Gamos, Inner & Outer Temples, Descent to Darkness, Womb’s Mysteries, The Great Turning, Revelations, Kundalini Awakening, Collective Activation…  Precious clues are everywhere! A renewed Sense of Mission and a Warm Sense of Belonging is spreading like fresh water inside of my Being. Thank you! Gracias! Merci!"

Dr. Amore Vera Aida

Marin, California

"I  just finished reading the Gaia Codexand I must say that it invoked such deep remembrance in my body, heart and soul. There were tears, there were goosebumps and full body chills, there were moments of ecstatic dancing and chanting. I  did not want to put it down. Thank you for this generous & gorgeous transmission! I intend to spread the seed and share it with my fellow priestess sisters."

Laine Love Dalby

Visionary Artist and Transformational Catalyst 

"I’ve read Gaia Codex twice and will read it again and again!"

Emily Simpson Ramirez

"Thank you for your exquisite book!!! What a precious GIFT to us all. Your stunning synthesis reveals a brilliant, caring heart…and radiant, pristine mind. Oh, so grateful for this delicious body of work. The Sisterhood is gathering. We are gaining momentum. Thank you. "

Prajna Marcus

"I really loved reading this book. To me, it was both a remembrance as well as a revelation. Hidden within a exciting and poetic story line are very important lessons about feminine wisdom and power. Sarah Drew’s writing is rich and vivid, drawing you into places both real and imagined. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fiction laced with ancient truths, especially to young women who are looking to find links to ancient wisdom now lost to our modern lives."

Sher Katz

Founder and Proprietress of Swank Vintage 

"I re-read your book every few months because it brings a new kind of healing every time. I always learn something new each time. Thank you for the magic that you have written."

Shannon Adair-Taylor

"I have been fortunate enough to meet Sarah first as a person hiking on the sea cliffs of Tennessee Valley, California with her dear friend, before I read her book. I knew upon meeting her that Sarah had something profound and mystical to say in her writing, as she embodies the wisdom she speaks of. I savored her book and found it to be a story that went a bit like the movie Avatar meets a feminine version of The Hobbit with a lot of sumptuous imagery. As magical as the book is, it calls in a river stream of deep truth that moved through my core. It was one of those books that I needed to read slowly because like a very good savory dessert I didn’t want to gobble it up too fast… I wanted it to linger on the taste buds of my inner psyche for a few more days."

Dr. Jacqueline Chan 

"I just finished reading Gaia Codex last night, and it was very important in my life. When I first started reading it, I thought, oh this is going to be too romantic for me, but, no. I really loved it and it supported many experiences I have had that I kept secret with no one to share with. It changed my dreams and the vibration of my body, returning me to experiences I had while living alone in the mountains….I felt sad when it came to an end, for I was truly living it everyday if not every moment."

Vijali Hamilton

Founder of World Wheel 

"Wow! What a beautiful, deep touching book of wisdom. I believe this book will help bring the world into a higher consciousness as well as help people to use the female energy through the heart even more…. a Flowering of the Heart Book! Thank you, Sarah, for this wonderful book. I hope it will soon be available in the Swedish language and in Swedish stores and in all languages and in every corner of the world. Gratitude and Much Love."

Sundha Carlsson

"Wow! there is so much I could say about the GAIA CODEX it is beyond awesome! as I read it, it was as if I was remembering what was being said, information imparted that I had long forgotten, I felt like shouting yes! yes! that’s its! so many times. dearest Sarah has truly connected with Gaia and the very codex we all know but have forgotten, I believe this book is a very revelation in its truest sense, that it will create a much needed movement to connecting with our Mother and to all our sister brother beings, whatever their species, the Trees, plants and body of the Mother, to remember we are all truly connected, we are all equal, and love love love for all is the key that opens the codex within you and before you. so much love and blessings to you dearest Sarah, my Sister in Gaia."

Sarah Silverbirch

Founder of Gaia’s Grove-Wales England

"Sarah Drew has melded myth , ancient knowledge and future learnings into this magnificent novel. It brings great hope for our future and that of Mother Earth . Thank you Sarah , may the knowing and teachings be released into our DNA."

Tracey Maree

Author, Healer, World Wanderer

"I just finished my first reading of the GAIA CODEX…the world is revealed and I feel that I can breathe easy with knowledge that comes from deep within. Thank  you for the love that oozes from this beautiful work."

Thrity Vakil

Artist, Director of Eye On The Rainforest

"Waves of “truth bumps”,soul remembrance and resonant timeless wisdom washed over me and through me as I devoured GAIA CODEX! I wanted it to stretch out and last longer…To never end. I loved this book and felt my own mythic story come even more alive interwoven within this story. If you are feeling called to the path of the priestess or mystic and or just simply love and care for our Earth Mother Gaia- this is a must read! Thank you Sarah Drew, for your deep listening and this act of service and love you share. We are activated!"

Eden Amadora

Founder Awakening Beauty 

"I finished the Gaia Codex, I felt like it was written for me, about me and somehow by me. I felt the truth ring through the cycles of time. I am so grateful! I hope you are writing more!"

Amber French

"Dear Sarah, I read your book and couldn’t put it down until it was read through. So many of the same Teachings I have received were written in your sweet, luscious and descriptive voice. I felt to be a Priestess of Astara – indeed – so many of us are! Thank you for bringing us together through this beautiful work. How amazing that so many of the same Teachings were given to me – to many – as well!

As I read, I took some notes, which is my way of deepening the language into my body and also blowing me away by the synchronicity. I loved the discussion of the Grandmothers, Chalice Wells, the Web of Light and All things contained within the One. The Chateau Lumiere reminded me of the Glastonbury Tor and the Mists of Avalon, where the veil may have cast it’s gauzy luminescence over the bog. I loved your discussion of the plants telling us how to use them as well as the importance of the seed. I loved your honoring of music, thought and incantation used to transform matter and acknowledging the antennas raised to implement visions for artists, inventors, creators. My own sacred process “weaving the web of light” (part of which was sung/danced in prayer to the earth-treasure vase at Dominican that night) found harmony with the Codex itself, a reminder to me of the Akashic Records, where I am honored to work. Oh, dear sister, with so many burned at the stake, exiled and silenced throughout history, aren’t we honored to center our work around the raising of the sacred voice of the feminine in these times?

In all, I was glad to finally have Gaia Codex in my hands and congratulate you! I know how much tending a work of this scope requires."

Lis Addison

Award Winning Composer-Vocalist and Founder of Kivo 

"Thank you for this awe-inspiring addition to the collective experience of earthkin. I am so honored to read it and feel the resonance within my own soul. My dreams play out in this story in a way that has caused chills several times. Blessed are those who are dreaming awake the beauty of remembering our genetic inheritance. May you thrive. With adoration and gratitude."

Alana Bliss

Co-creator-Permaculture Designer at Finca Fruición 

"This is a brilliant book that I have read multiple times. Its wisdom is a gift that keeps giving!"

Bobbye Middendorf

Writer, Creativity Coach, Founder Write Synergies

"GAIA CODEX is unravelling through me. Precious as a manifestation of creative voice and feminine wisdom. I love it so much and tried hard not to consume in one sitting because each day that it lasts I am tied again to the web of the sacred.This codex is my own knowing and I love the way you revealed it. Each chapter is savored. Sarah, I celebrate you a as a weaver of prayer, beauty narrative intuitive wisdom, a word fabric cast into the collective as Offering. Bless this and your devotion and gifting."

Caroline Seckinger

Visual Artist 

"Absolutely loved your book. I devoured it! Like someone starving."

Rocio Palomino

"A mystical journey into the sacred heart of the Divine Feminine. This volume is actually a mystery school training packaged as fiction, a beautiful web linking a precious network of knowledge nodes, secrets from the ancient past, messages from our future."

Harlan T. Wood

Founder of CORE Network 

"This book evokes a primal memory and a future vision all at once. Beautifully and richly written, it will stir emotions within and nourish the reader to be a better caretaker of our Water Planet."

Jim Kerlin

"I’ve been in the air all day~ yet have spent my day reading, rejoicing, and remembering. This is the first book I’ve been able to read front to back in YEARS ! The wisdom embedded within the coded words is pure magic. As I read by being is filled with chills, that depths I have journeyed to within myself are written on the pages before me. My sisters have remembered. We ARE re-mem-ber-ing!


THANK YOU, Sarah Drew, sacred priestess sister ~~ I am eternally grateful for this remembering & rooted deeper in my KNOWing of my gifts and the change we are here to birth upon our precious Earth.

may this book travel to souls far & wide"

Even Bliss Laurel

"About the GAIA CODEX Audio Book: “ I listened to the book for almost six hours today as I drove from Sedona to Palm springs, your voice is rich and speaks the deeply resonating words, and what is behind the words, so well, an encantation of enchantment for the soul of wise women, a declaration of the Goddess. Thank You!”

Rhianne NewLahnd

"It’s inspiring to see so many of us journeying deeper within ourselves through the use of self help books, how to guides and new aged workbooks. But sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming and we lose the importance + joy of the now. What would it feel like to you, to take a break from your current reading list? And to read a book written as a non fiction yet enriched in truth, emotion + remembering? The GAIA CODEX is one of those books that transcends time - it’s likely you will desire to finish it within one sitting, you’ll be dreaming all things Priestess and Codex for months to come, probably feel an urge to find or “go home” + to deepen your connection with your sisters"

Jaydene Ariana

"Sarah, I am deeply grateful for your beautifully written piece. The GAIA CODEX truly resonated with me in a way that I can't quite explain. It's as if I was transported, I could see so clearly the images of Lila's travels, i felt the pain of Mother Earth, knowing that we're so close to losing her with all of our selfishness and greediness. I see that right now in real life so this book was just phenomenal. I wish we could all wake up and see what we're doing.  By the end I was in tears - it felt like the, I wish there was more. And I'm so sad that we won't see this type of peace and prosperity in this lifetime. But I'm so happy that it's attainable in the future. I know this to be true. As I write this I'm crying because I just feel so deeply for the planet we're destroying. But I'm so hopeful that future generations will recognize the beauty of our Mother planet and protect her at all costs. Thank u so much Sarah. Thank u for this. Much love."

India Franklin

"Thank you so much for this book! It's the most beautiful book I have ever read. I savored every word and resonate with it so much every time I picked up this book I would enter a different timeline. I connect to ancient time where I feel so connected and I have just bought this for 2 of my closest friends so they can experience it. Every woman should read this book to reconnect with what has been lost to us. 

Thank you so much for this experience"

Ja Bibi

"Finished the book on Tuesday, re-read on Wednesday and again on Thursday. Very spiritual, the imagery was wonderful."

Tracy Tian Sweet 

"As I keep moving more and more into my divine feminine energy, I keep encountering so many wonderful resources to support me in that expansion. I'm loving Sarah Drew's book Gaia Codex. It transports me into a time that feels so recognizable where I am connected with my sisters of past and present, women who are wise sages helping with the evolution of consciousness. If you're seeking a deep journey into a world of sisterhood, magic, and awakening of your divine feminine goddess, this book is great!

Jackie Barros VanCampen 



Thank you for this book , it's one of the best books I have read for years . I couldn't put it down , it transported to this familiar but strange world we call earth . This beautiful book has a message for all of us we need to start loving this precious planet our mother ! I hope this book has affected all who reads this as it has me and we can all start doing our piece to reconnect . Thank Sarah Drew for this a amazing gift ! "

Sarah Guy

"I  have to say Sarah, reading your book is like stepping back into realms that were once as familiar as the back of my hand. Thank you for this gift. Thank you for your dedication to The Mother and to a new vision of how we ought to hold ourselves. Holding it with you until we all see."

Samantha Price Fisher

"I started it 3 days ago and finished today. I absolutely adore your book. It is infused with so much light. Reading was remembering."

Lacey Major

"Just finished Gaia Codex... my life is forever changed. Thank you sister for this exquisite masterpiece of remembrance."

Linzy Arnott

"Finished this book last week. My heart feels different my mind is thinking different. This book changed me. Totally loved it."

Artemsia Arenas

Veil Priestess copy.jpeg

"The power of written word on paper, is true divinity of wisdom and inspiration; this expression of truth and tale, can alter ones mind for the highest good. When I first read The Gaia Codex,, I was in a space of true vulnerability; a part of my soul died, a day didn’t continue on without a flooding of my tears and my heart had been shattered into a thousand pieces. This was almost three years ago. I felt a deep call and connection to order this unknown book, with the little amount of funds that I had to my name... what a profound decision that was. I read this entire book, in less than two days. This book “reveals the hidden histories of a world long forgotten, the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera.” // This book is a portal of a door, for my mind, soul and spirit of true expansion :: I cried in knowing, I sighed deep sighs of true release and I realized, I wasn’t alone. I was truly awakened to the power of the sacred sisterhood; re~connecting with the Priestesses ((something I have known since I was a child but sometimes, I felt alone)). It inspired me to hold ritual and ceremony for MY healing; it reminded me that my gifts are a gift and a blessing; it awoke my mind to create magickal art; and it lead me back to living in Sedona, once again; the final step of truly healing my sacred heart. I recommend this book to ALL of my sisters and also to my brothers; I promise you it’ll spark a deep remembrance in you. I am so so so thankful for your being, @sarahdrewmuse ,, we haven’t met ~ yet;; and in so many ways, your gift and your writings changed me for the highest good and sparked so much in the deepest cores of me. I am re~reading this book, now, with a healed heart; that is so open and true;; and a path of truth, wisdom and healing... that I’ve been walking, once again, from the healing of almost three years past. I lost a life and regained my truth. #gaiacodex ::: here is a small & powerFULL quote from the sacred book :: “ we incarnate through ten thousand lives, but few are those who remember; that in the beginning and in the end, we are everything and we are nothing."

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Gaia Codex-Book Review Divine Lady Ninhu

"This book may not be for everyone, but I can't put it down. I have only had this happen once before when reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe."

Janet Clark 

"Loved it... me, my daughter and mom would cozy up in my mom’s living room and take turns reading this beautiful book  we had many late nights discussing this one."

Margie Locklear 

"An awesome read. Have recommended it to all of my circles."

Lisa Frank Durrett Norvell

"I found my heart pounding as I read it, because it felt like I was reading my own memories, long buried in my cells. It was exhilarating and uncomfortable. It made me simultaneously long for something that had been and was yet to be, which gave me such a sense of aching longing...again uncomfortable. Which is exactly where the growth edge is...I saw myself, my essence in a different, more magical thank you!"

Debra DeLorenzo

"Fabulous book. Wonderful insights. Hope there's a follow up!"

Angie K Rielly

"I absolutely love this book! Thank you Sarah Drew for your creativity as it rings so true!"

Rozália Brien 

"Loved this book. I experienced deep awakenings within and many “remembrances “ as I enjoyed the simplicity of the story wrapped around it."

Rosemary Leavey 

"This book was amazing!"

Mary Ann Lovell 

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