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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Written: 3.20.2020

In a sense we felt it coming, the need to pause, the deep exhale, the need for the regeneration of systems too long ignored. The signs were there in the frenzy that pervaded our lives; in the disconnect and chasm between our consumption and our impact on biological and social systems and in the marginalization and weaponization of our most vulnerable communities. The signs were there in our collective disregard of the vast spectrum of sentient life, the Web of Life and in the fevered shadow that shaped billions of daily choices, that have compromised the natural immune system and well-being of ourselves and our planet. 

Within this, there is a PAUSE. We are here.

A Great Turning has started and there is a

Magnificent Mystery and Gift in this Moment. 

The signs of an intelligence, a consciousness wiser than any individual and wiser than collective humanity is making herself known. 

Is it GAIA herself, rebirthing us and reminding us that we are her children and that we are completely interdependent with her well-being, expressions of her ever-evolving wisdom?

Is it an emergent Consciousness evolving through us and for our well- being and evolution, giving us the tools and circumstance to recalibrate?

Is it the Gods and Goddesses of a thousand and one religions gracing us with “their day of reckoning and revelation”, the opportunity to rebirth into a new world, a more balanced and harmonious state of being, a cessation of suffering a bestowal of grace catalyzed by this seemingly unexpected circumstances? 

We are many and we are one. The Signs are here. 

With the quickening of the COVID-19, one of my first impressions was that this was the Soul-Spirit of Greta Thunberg, not exactly the 17 year- old Greta herself, but the voice of Mother Gaia who with an escalating urgency, has demanded that humanity immediately stop the madness: cut carbon emissions and air travel, stop boundless consumption and extraction of natural resources and destruction of precious natural habitats, a prescient command that we let the Earth and ourselves, regenerate, recalibrate and be born anew, before it’s too late. 

Even though we are in the very early stages of fully understanding the collective consequence and the multifaceted teachings of this COVID-19 initiation, this pause has already showered us with immediate evidence of Mother Earth’s regeneration: a 25% drop in China’s carbon emissions; clear water on the canals of Venice, Italy; visceral reflections of how we as a global community are deeply interconnected with each other and with the Earth herself. 


This is regenesis, metamorphosis on a grand scale. In this Pause humanity, has the opportunity to go into the proverbial cocoon where we can recalibrate, regenerate and renew and then perhaps with grace and the boon born of our collective care and compassion for each other and all life; with our renewal of vows of gratitude for the Earth which sustains us and our visceral understanding of interdependency we can reemerge into a new way of being as sentient beings, as a civilization, and as a global community. 

Together, we are creating our collective future in every breath, thought, word and in every action.

I sense a way forward, is through the compassionate experience of our essential interconnectivity and the shift from an anthropomorphic world view, to one that honors the intelligence and wisdom of all sentient life. There is joy and release in the embrace that all species and life forms on this planet are worthy of honor and are part of Gaia’s creation and intelligence. 

Within this I want to presence the first line responders and the many in socio-economic or health situations where the repercussion of COVID-19 accelerates the systematic threat to daily well-being that is already present. I also want to acknowledge the fluctuating emotions and chimeras of fear that grip many in this moment, regardless of material circumstance.

Here are some places to donate for those in immediate material need if you are called and able. These orgs focus on food security and homelessness particularly with children.


We are deeply grateful for the fortunate circumstance to be nested at our family farm with a small group of friends and family for the duration, cupboards well stocked and the Hearth and Heart fires burning bright.

BE WELL: Sending love and prayers to all. 

More soon…

Love,  Sarah.:. 


My novel GAIA CODEX was written as a message and medicine for these times:

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