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Updated: Dec 10, 2023

There is a sacred simplicity in the Truth that we are being reborn and renewed by Mother GAIA. In these times of unprecedented change, the human experience is being woven back into the fabric of Mother Earth.

What happens when, as a species, we no longer seek dominion over the wild terrains of Mother Earth? What is revealed when we rediscover humility, the visceral understanding that we are simply part of an ever-evolving ecosystem, and we are but reflections of Earth's wisdom and wonder? What happens when our guidance and goal is to harmonize with her deeper wisdom?

As I write today, on April 22, 2020, Mother Earth is metabolizing a fever, the rampage and avarice of our current civilization. She is helping us seek breath and balance, urging us to draw upon our collective wisdom and insight and break our unconscious habits to remake how we live with each other and all sentient life. 

In this understanding, Gaia herself is sentient, and we are being asked to reawaken to the Spirit intrinsic in all Matter and honor Mother Earth's sacredness. 

As humans, we are all born of Mother Earth, and if we are honest and generous with each other, and when we finally break free from the current amnesia wrought by successive generations in the last century born into dreaming of nuclear families and cookie-cutter housing developments, a world of children who become adults sent off to work in cubicles in big corporations and global factory industries:

  • A society without a direct connection to where their food is cultivated, or their water is sourced.

  • A society of people who live under inequitable economic conditions.

  • A misaligned cultural dream where we have the ability to destroy the web of life through military arsenals and our rampant consumption.

When we finally awake from this illusion, we can begin to source the deep roots of our generational wisdom guided and informed by Earth's, 4.5 billion years of knowledge and teachings. 

Our New Story Begins...

Our new story begins when we remember that we are a people who once grew and will grow abundant vegetable and herb gardens. When we reclaim that, we are a people who remember the names of trees and streams, and when we remember that we are a people who mark the passages of life and the seasons with song and ritual born of reverence and understanding to our deep interconnectivity with the Earth and each other. A new culture is born when our culture reveres the Circle of Life that honors our children, elders, conscious life, and people from all walks of life. 

New Life begins when we give thanks at every meal for the gift of food, clean water, and the blessing of Life. Then, we can slowly reclaim our humanity because no matter our skin color or ethnic or cultural origin, if we go back far enough, this knowledge is in our roots and DNA. The Earth is our home. We know how to live on Earth and will regain this wisdom again if we choose.

This comes with a warning: The dominance and prevalence of Homo Sapiens is not a given. It is not a right. It is not a certainty.

Over 99 percent of the five billion species that have lived on Earth are estimated to have died out.

Humanity is here by grace, and we will continue to flourish or become extinct through the fruits of our actions. We will reap what we collectively sow. We are full participants in our future. 

It's Time to Remember

One of the human species' gifts is we can actively and consciously participate in the dream of the future. Humans have imagination. We are makers. We actively participate in the collective prayer with the Earth, with Gaia herself. Let's unleash and synchronize our collective wisdom, vision, and power; let's create a world consciously born from love, clarity, and compassion. This is both an inner and outer practice. It will take time. This is not a quick fix, but we can do it. She is asking us to listen and to remember. 

What are we willing to give up to help birth ourselves back consciously into the Womb of Mother Earth's Wisdom? 

 Let's remember our essential interconnectedness with each other and all life. 

Let's create our future from the VIBRANT SEED OF LOVE. 

Blessed Earth Day 2020. 

My LOVE to you All. My prayers are with you all. 

Love,  Sarah.:.

Sarah Drew-Author of GAIA CODEX


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