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Feminine Awakening

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

We are in a time of great awakening. Reclaiming our ancient roots and wisdom, we dream, build, and create the foundations for our future. 

This is a moment of truth for humanity. Will we navigate these times of great change and transformation? Will we evolve and create cultures of balance before it is too late? We have agency and choice, as many of us remember and awaken to our true essence and potential as a species and as part of the intricate web of Mother GAIA. 


The Awakening of the Sacred Feminine, our Feminine Power and Essence, is key to this activation and evolution. The lioness is roaring as women are rising. As we speak our truth and generational wounds are being exposed for healing we are remembering our sacred lineages. We are rising across the land. 


Love and truth are revealed in the sweet nectar of healing and redemption. There is embodiment, empowerment, and forgiveness. New stories are being told, and powerful mythologies of agency and evolution are welling forth in our songs and soul stories. We honor the lessons of time and our collective experience, but we are not imprisoned by the past.


This is not only a Women's Movement but a Human Movement, as males and females, transgender people, and those who don't identify with any gender but are curious about the array of roles that might be played deeply integrate, reclaim, and honor the Feminine part of our human nature so that we can be more whole and integrated human beings. 


Though there are exceptions to the rule, historically, the balance of power between males and females has often been unbalanced. The feminine expression has often been limited to an array of limited archetypes when she is, in truth (not unlike our male counterparts in their full expression) multifaceted and multidimensional in Her Beauty and Power and Her capacity for Compassion and Love. 


SHE is the fierce clarifying wisdom of Kali and Durga, the compassion and healing nectar of Kuan Yin and Tara, and the eros and agency of Aphrodite: She is Kokyangwuti-Spider Grandmother, who holds ancient knowledge and creates weaves our human and earthly realms.: She is the Radiant Heart of Mary in her many forms, Virgin and Magdalena and all the many miracles in-between. 


We are Her, and She is us. The Goddess serves as a teacher and a role model of what we can aspire to as women. She is a guide for any human being who drinks deeply from her Well of Teachings, who aspires to embody her in Her glory or prays to be graced by her boons: her path of self-revelation and discovery and her gracious protection and empowerment as we navigate this human life. 


SHE manifests through all traditions, and though her practices have been quiet for many cycles, she is rising again in old forms and new. She is beyond religion. The Goddess gives us teachings of remembrance, power tools of activation for what it is to BE a full multidimensional woman in human form. She is Medicine for human beings of any gender who are ready to integrate their feminine aspect as a path toward wholeness.


I love the dance and practice, the symbol and transmission of the Hindu Goddess Mahadevi. SHE of many forms, particularly in the practice of the Lalita Sahasranamam, the thousand forms-names of the Goddess. In this transmission, we move through the different aspects of the Goddess that range from "She of the Beautiful Breasts" to "The Creator of the Universe," to her Divine Union with Shiva, her consort, in the male aspect, as alchemical agency to harmonic balance of perceived opposites. She is simultaneously all these aspects, even when they seem contradictory. 


This is a reminder that the Feminine, the Goddess, expresses herself in multiple forms, both expected and unexpected- both cosmic and human.


Mahadevi is also a primary aspect of what the Goddess looks like for our times: A Sisterhood of Women, Infinite forms of Her Beauty, Wisdom, Compassion, and Power rising en-masse. She is a multitude of faces, voices, forms, and colors, stemming from Her Flower and Gift of awakened consciousness blossoming in our Hearts as our thoughts, actions, and deeds. 


She is Us, and We are Her. Dancing in Simultaneity.


I join you today and on all days as one who is walking the path and diving deep into the Mystery and as one who continues to learn and remember. If we are genuinely souls of infinite magnitude and expanse, then we are constantly deepening in our awareness as we synthesize, metabolize, learn, and expand. 


We are Many, and We are One. 


This koan promises our potential and essence in all future moments and in this Moment Now.


May All Beings BE Happy, and May All Beings BE Free. 


Sarah .:. Drew

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