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We are in the moment of profound evolution as a species.

As an author, speaker and creator of media, I am inspired by our collective awakening, by the wisdom of our Mother Earth and by the creation and cultivation of compassionate cultures that honor all beings indeed all life. 

Gaia Codex

How can we create civilizations that are rooted in the understanding of the intrinsic interconnection with all beings, that consider the laws of causality and the understanding that our present actions ripple out for generations to come? As humanity moves through this historical moment  each of us has an important key to the puzzle. We are each both student and teacher. 


My recent novel GAIA CODEX, is a heroine’s epic adventure about an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera who through the rise and call of cultures, have protected regeneration codes for humanity and Mother Earth. With a passionate and exponentially growing global following, Gaia Codex captures the Spirit of the Feminine Rising and our deepening reconnection to our Mother Earth.

VIBRANT SEED is a micro-magazine and ongoing destination for exploration and inspiration. Essays, musings and intimate interviews: SEEDS for illumination and evolution as we create the future together.

Feminine Awakening

We are in a time of great awakening as we reclaim our ancient roots and wisdom we dream, build and create the foundations for our future.

Evolutionary Culture

We carry the SEEDS of evolution and renewal, SEEDS of hope and remembrance, light signals for these tumultuous times. 

Earth Wisdom

4.5  billion years of continuous species creation and extinction, movements of continents into numerous formations, Gaia, breathes and She remembers. 

Regenerative Technologies

In our current era we are beholden to science and technology as both a worldview, a catalyst for progress and as a translucent interface in our daily lives. 

We are a global community of over 140,000+ and growing across all our social media platforms. Diverse, dynamic and curious, committed to evolutionary change both as individuals and as a species. What is the future we are creating together?

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