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Our Collective Heart

Updated: May 21, 2021

❤️ It is our Heart that is broken open, in these times of Revelation and Revolution, in these times of Grief and Sorrow, in these times of Hope and Healing.

❤️ It is our Collective Heart, that is awakening, the source, the sustenance, the visceral truth, that is revealed when the illusion of our separation is stripped away and we see, feel and experience the web of our lucid interconnection, with each other and with all of Life.

❤️ In this upswell, the torrent of empathy. Your pain is my pain. We are Many and we are One.

❤️ We are being collectively Broken Open so we can Heal and Reveal generational pain and injustice that is ours to heal and, We are only healed when we are all healed. This is the great mission, the quest, the heroine’s-hero’s journey, of our time.

We can choose to no longer be a people who through conscious or unconscious actions, destroy and rapes other races and other species for our personal benefit.

❤️ Every country has a soul, made of all those who have partaken and created its story. We who live here are part of the American story, our ancestors are part of this story, our sisters and brothers of all races and expressions of gender are part of this story. We are healing the past together. We are creating the future together.

❤️ Collectively we must go, to the Roots, and acknowledge generational injustice and subjugation and begin to heal the past with billion and one actions of goodness and compassion in the present.

We can choose to no longer be a people who through conscious or unconscious actions, destroys and rapes other races and other species for our personal benefit.

❤️ The protests around the deeply tragic and unjust death of George Floyd gives me great hope. It gives me hope that America (our collective soul) is no longer asleep and that we are choosing justice, compassion and well being for all beings as our goal.

We will do this step by step, day-by-day, allied with the rigorous daily inspection ( to the best of our ability) of our own thoughts, actions and words; and the seeds of our motives and actions.

True evolution and transformation, is made upon the playing field of our daily life.

We can do better. I vow to do better. This is where the greater movement starts and within this, we will know that we are creating our future and healing our past together.

We can do this with and as Love.

With and as COURAGE.

With and as the HEART OF COMPASSION.

With our actions motivated by the well being of all beings now and overtime.

Please give us humility to see what we cannot see.

May we together and in Love, create the New World which is waiting to be born through the collective luminosity of our Souls in fortuitous beneficent action.




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